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These paintings are available for purchase at various galleries. Please contact Greg for inquiry.

Catalog text from The Light Still Sheds the Dark—The Artwork of Gregory Packard (from Greg's innaugural opening of The Brinton Museum in June of 2015)

by Gussie Fauntleroy

For centuries, one of art's essential roles has been to lift the heart and soul above the burdens and limitations—and frequently, the darkness and suffering—of human life. We have looked to religious art, or to the exquisite yet ordinary beauty of window light falling gently across a weathered table, the delicate grace of a floral still life, or the glorious wildness of nature, for reflections of what makes life worth living, for connection with each other and the divine. Gregory Packard continues this venerable tradition . . . .

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Packard Impressionist

Gregory Packard Fine Art LLC


A Higher Place • 30x36 inch oil • I painted this one for The Los Angeles Art Show, January 27th-30th at the California Museum of Fine Art booth (SOLD)

"A Still Quiet Place" is part of an exhibition at Astoria Fine Art in Jackson, WY. Please view Greg's pieces at: Astoria Fine Art


Packard Original Oil
Each Day We Wade into a Stream • 30x40 inch oil • Available a tOh Be Joyful Gallery • Telluride, CO • © Gregory Packard





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Show preivew, Southwest Art June 2015

Packard Preview


Greg was most recently featured in the June/July 2014 issue of Western Art & Architecture.

Packard Article


Greg's cover image of Southwest Art magazine in 2013.

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